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Yangcheng Hongli Autoparts Co.,Ltd founded in 1989,belongs to Yancheng Jingwei International Group.We are devoted to and specialized in producing,researching and developing auto parts such as Auto starter&Starter parts,Auto alternator&Alternator parts,Speakers,Clutch&Clutch parts. On the basisof quality policy:quality excellence,customer satisfaction,continuing improvement and pursuing lead,our company established perfect quality warranty system.we perform the ISO/TS16949 qaulity management and quality warranty in all facets,such as in product dsign, manufacturing engineering,materials purchase,production process control,final inspection and after service,etc,in 2003,our company took the lead in passing ISO/TS16949 qaulity system certification among the domestic counterparts.Facing the global market competition,technic and professional skillful staffs are the advantage for our company development,Hongli sincerely invite you as our distinguished guest to visit our company.



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